History in a bottle – International Cabernet Day

A celebration takes place this month for one of the oldest grape varietals, Cabernet Sauvignon. Most loved by South Africans and the world over, did you know that this red grape varietal is the most planted varietal of all? Best of all we did some further digging around and it surfaced that Cabernet Sauvignon is…

Farmworkers Appreciation Day – Giving thanks to those who make it all possible

The 6th of August is Farmworkers Appreciation Day, an annual day to give thanks for the efforts of the many people who work so hard to help keep the world fed, and in our case – keep the wine flowing! We undoubtedly could not do what we do at Groot Constantia without the valuable efforts…

Top Events to Attend in Gauteng, Free State and many more

Just because we’re situated in the buzzing and beautiful Mothercity, doesn’t mean our friends up north get to miss out on anything! That’s why we have compiled a list of all current events we will be attending with tastings and specials you could join, guaranteed no fear of missing out!

Birth announcement and celebration of SA’s oldest wine estate

It is with great pleasure and pride that Groot Constantia mark the occasion of their birth – 334 years ago! Born on 13 July 1685, weighing in at 891 Morgan to father Simon van der Stel, the Estate was christened “Constantia”, and the name has rung true for 334 years as Groot Constantia has stood the test of time! In the past 10 years alone the Estate’s wines have won over 100 awards.

Celebrating 334 Years Of Natural Abundance! #Celebrating334Abundance

It’s no secret how beautiful the Constantia valley is! But more than beauty is how sustainable the caretakers are of the valley we’re in, and we are extremely proud to once again celebrate our conservation champion status with World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

A Perfect Pairing of Chocolate and Friendship

Growing up, I remember watching a popular chocolate advert in the 90’s, where the animated kid sits next to a friend eating his stack of chocolate covered candies and finally gets to his last piece, and wonders just looking at his glum friend to share it or instead savour that last little bit of deliciousness. He of course decides to share his last piece of chocolate with the friend.

Bubbly facts for Sparkling Wine Week

The first week of July saw South Africans celebrating Sparkling Wine Week. There is indeed something about sipping on some bubbly that adds sophistication to any occasion and no celebration is complete without adding some. There are three main types of bubbles: Champagne, Méthode Cap Classique (MCC) and Sparkling wine – but what is the difference between these three?

Celebrate International Rosé Day with Groot Constantia’s Rosé

Rosé Day is observed across the world annually on the second Saturday in June. A winemaker was recently asked who was drinking rosé and he replied “mostly women and smart men.” Autumn has come and almost gone but that does not mean we get to pack away the Rosé. Largely associated with sun-kissed French terraces,…

Explore Groot Constantia With This Nifty 360° Virtual Tour

Take a step back in time with modern technology The Groot Constantia virtual tour is a simulation of the heritage core’s buildings, and is composed of a sequence of videos all linked together to give one stunning panoramic view of our courtyard. The panorama gives an unbroken view of the Cloete Cellar, Manor House and…

Top Events to Attend in June-July in Gauteng, Free State and many more

Just because we’re situated in the buzzing and beautiful Mothercity, doesn’t mean our friends up north get to miss out on anything!

That’s why we have compiled a list of all current and upcoming events for June and July that we will be attending.

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