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A word from Jean Naude

"Our worth" says the Estate’s General Manager, Jean Naude, "is our tradition. The quality of every wine must be guaranteed. That’s the essence on which a brand like this stands. If we produced a mediocre bottle it would amount to an abuse, a waste, of the 326 years of history that have gone into producing this brand."

Excerpt from History of Brands and Branding - available in the Tasting Room

Congratulations to Table Mountain

Groot Constantia is proud to be associated with Table Mountain and congratulate them on successfully achieving the nomination as one of the 7 New Wonders of the World! What a privilege to farm on the slopes of this "Wonder".

As part of the continual restoration and maintenance of the historical treasures at Groot Constantia two iconic antiquities have recently been restored:  The Cloete Cellar Pediment and The Lady of Abundance at the Manor House

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